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About Me

I was put here for something bigger than myself and I realize that sharing my thoughts, experience, and journey with you and the world is more important than keeping it all to myself.

Why I am Here

In my life, I have strived to test the limits of what is possible, and achieve. But for every success, there have been multiple failures. While in BUD/s I had my good and bad days, eventually graduating and serving 12 years in the SEAL teams with my fellow brothers. One of my hardest missions came after more than a decade of service and continues today. Read More


I will be honest with you and clear, I  leave everything on the table. I get straight to the point and as long as you are willing to receive and act, then together we have made progress.

Help You

I could fill this section up with everything I am capable of doing but the fact is, I just love to help people find their true life path. I have no problem getting my hands dirty and helping you Shape and Lead a Life on Your Own Terms.

Team Development

Sometimes finding your life path, helps you discover that you are truly meant to lead others. I have a decade and a half of experience leading elite team, corporate teams, and thrown together teams. I can teach you that it doesn't matter what type of team it is, you will always be able to lead.

What Others Have Said