About – Enrico Cecala Live Love Inspiration
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My Path Thus Far

In my life, I have strived to test the limits of what is possible, and achieve. But for every success, there have been multiple failures. While in BUD/s I had my good and bad days, eventually graduating and serving 12 years in the SEAL teams with my fellow brothers. One of my hardest missions came after more than a decade of service and continues today.


My drive is the same, never wavering telling myself, “there is nothing I cannot do.” I take calculated risks (Business Risk). Seeking out risk in business and failing some of the time I do get discouraged. Picking myself up from failure I learn the most about myself. I believe when failures happen you either get up and learn or you let it consume you. Many times I have been discouraged, down on myself, and over-analyzing the failure. Looking back at all my failures and the journey after my biggest takeaways are to be persistent, focused, to learn and embrace your passion, and build a trusted team around you.


My approach is different, I love motivating and managing highly driven teams. But I also love helping, and inspiring the hidden passion inside people. At the core of this story, there is a lot of battles internal and external. This place is for me to share these experiences, working to inspire one person at a time. Respect and gratitude, Rico.

If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world.  ~Nikola Tesla

Oneness and happiness create innovation. Finding who you are and what you or your business is here to do is the most important question to be answered.